Pay and Benefits

We truly believe that a great working environment helps people to strive and be motivated at work.  In view of this, we are devoted to provide our people with different benefits, to help them to get a better work-life balance and experience the joy at Sa Sa.

At Sa Sa, we value our colleague’s contribution and we recognize their hard work.  We offer our people competitive salary and annual leave, and all kinds of monetary rewards and allowance – in order to encourage them to work towards the goal together.  We share our financial success with our people too.  Apart from the existing discretionary annual merit bonus and performance bonus scheme, we also have the “Employee Share Options Plan” which depends on the Company’s performance. 

In addition, we care the well-being of our people.  Besides the medical benefits we provide to our employees, the Company is committed to minimize all factors that can harm their safety, benefits and well-being.  We would do our best to ensure our colleagues to work in a safe and healthy environment, including organizing different seminars to raise their awareness of occupational health and safety matters.