Joy at Sa Sa

“One important thing about nurturing talent is to have a feel for them. We are committed to build a mechanism that engages and rewards our people, so that they can be self-motivated and take an active role – which in turn enables them to truly enjoy what they do at work” – Dr Kwok Law Kwai Chun Eleanor, BBS (Vice-chairman)

Sa Sa is not only a place for work, it is regarded as a “Big Family” with a warm friendly environment that fills with joy and happiness.  We have always paid much attention to people development; and with our people-oriented principle, we are committed to provide our people with the best package of salary and benefits, training and development opportunities, and work environment.  Our people, no matter which position they are in, are able to experience the joy at Sa Sa – and this is a place to have an excellent personal development and a promising career too!

The hard work and loyalty of our people are something that Sa Sa very much appreciates.  Over the years, we have witnessed a lot of our colleagues who have been recognized with the long service awards; we wanted to thank these colleagues for their invaluable contributions, but more importantly, to encourage them to continue to grow with the Company and to build a better future together!

We are also happy to hear from our colleagues.  Through different channels, our colleagues can exchange thoughts and ideas more easily with our management team.  We believe that effective communication at Sa Sa can help to boost the team morale as well as to create a harmonious and supportive environment for our people – which in turn increases their efficiency at work!

People in Sa Sa often shows great teamwork and work very hard, but they also immerse themselves into different kinds of activities.  For example, over 3,000 colleagues would be beautifully dressed up and gathered together for the annual dinner; the Company also encourages colleagues to contribute back to the community, by participating in different charity events and volunteering work.  Every one of us in Sa Sa is kind-hearted and has a part to play in the society.

Here in Sa Sa, our people are full of passion, enthusiasm, and vitality!  We very much hope to have you on board, and making the life beautiful together!