Award & Recognitions

Corporate Governance and Management

The Group’s 2017/18 annual report was awarded "Citation for Environmental, Social and Governance Disclosure” in the “2018 Best Annual Reports Awards” organised by the Hong Kong Management Association (“HKMA”). Sa Sa has garnered the “Best Annual Reports Awards” for seven consecutive years since 2013, recognising the Group’s outstanding performance in maintaining transparent and effective communications with stakeholders.


With the theme “Beauty Propagating”, Sa Sa’s 2016/17 annual report received “Honours Award” in “2018 International ARC Awards” organised by independent awards organisation MerComm, Inc. Having a reputation of “The Oscar” for annual reports, “International ARC Awards” set the highest standard for report production. The awards are definitely great acknowledgment to the Group’s production team.


The Group has garnered the “Best Investment Value Award for Hong Kong Listed Companies under Stock Connect” at the “2018 Gold Wing Awards” presented by the Securities Times, recognising Sa Sa’s outstanding performance in business operations and creating investment returns throughout the years.


Sa Sa was awarded the “PVCBS Business Excellence Award 2018” and four other awards at the inaugural “Business Excellence Awards 2018” organised by the Professional Validation Centre of Hong Kong Business Sector, including "Sincere Service Excellence Award 2018", "Creative Strategy Excellence Award 2018", "Social Service Excellence Award 2018", and "Environmental Excellence Award 2018".


 The Group won “Overall Best IR Company”(Small-cap) and five other awards in the small-cap category at the fourth Investor Relations Awards organised by Hong Kong Investor Relations Association (“HKIRA”).
The Group received the following prizes in the small-cap category:
- Overall Best IR Company
- Best IR Company
- IR Awards for 3 years
- Best IR by Chairman/CEO - Dr Simon Kwok, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
- Best IR by CFO - Dr Guy Look, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director
- Best Investor Meeting