BOC SaSa Dual Currency Credit Card

Card co-issuing organizations

  • SaSa International Holdings Limited
  • BOC Credit Card (International) Limited

BOC SaSa Dual Currency Credit Card Welcome Offer    

  • Up to HK$1,600 Welcome Offersd
    • Exclusive VIP Membership Offer from Sa Sa (Welcome e-coupon total value up to HK$1,000)
    • HK$500 Sa Sa Gift Certificate or HK$200 Sa Sa Gift Certificate (Choose 1 from 2)
    • HK$100 Free Spending Credit for online application

BOC SaSa Dual Currency Credit Card Exclusive Offers and Services

  • Enjoy up to 7% off on Sa Sa spending annually
    • 5% Sa Sa spending discount
    • UnionPay Mobile QuickPass Transaction 2% Cash Rebate
  • Extra 10,000 Reward Gift Points for Sa Sa Spending
    • This offer is applicable for Cardholders upon accumulating retail spending of HK$/RMB¥1,000 or above with a “BOC SaSa Dual Currency Credit Card” at any Sa Sa retail stores in the mainland, Hong Kong and Macau within the month of spending during the Promotion Period. Cardholder can enjoy extra 10,000 Reward Gift Points.
  • Sa Sa VIP Perpetual Membership
    • Successfully apply for the BOC Sasa Dual Currency Credit card, you will be automatically enrolled to Sa Sa VIP Membership and enjoy the premium privileges
      -Sa Sa VIP Perpetual membership
      -Birthday Treat
      -Monthly VIP Discount Offer
      -Sa Sa VIP members Rewards