Chosungah 22

chosungah22 was established in 2012 and the founder, Ms. Chosungah, is the make-up artist of many Korean superstars such as Kim Tae-Hee, Song Hye-Kyo and Yun Eun-Hye. Ms. Chosungah also regularly appears on TV beauty programmes as a guest make-up artist. Chosungah beauty has evolved by continually creating unique products that come with a twist, allowing women the world over to enjoy make-up as a form of play. ‘Ver. 22’ in the brand name refers to Ms. Chosungah’s establishing the company when she had been a make-up artist for 22 years. It also contains the meaning of woman’s wish to have the spirit and sassy looks of a 22 year-old, regardless of her actual present age.