Give Back to Community
A thriving community is a prerequisite to the success of our business. As a socially responsible corporate citizen, Sa Sa strives for sustainable growth and helps bridge economic, social and environmental gaps.
Sa Sa Making Life Beautiful Charity Fund
Established in 2013, Sa Sa Making Life Beautiful Charity Fund seeks to make life beautiful in the community by fostering social harmony and empowerment. Under the leadership of our Chairman and Vice-chairman, the fund has donated over HK$31 million over the years to promote the wellbeing of the elderly and underprivileged families, as well as the empowerment of youth and women.
Sa Sa Sincere
Sa Sa Sincere, our corporate volunteer team, carries the mission of gathering colleagues and their relatives who are enthusiastic about serving the community and bringing a positive impact to the community through various community care activities. Po Leung Kuk and The Community Chest have been our long-term partners, and we also actively cooperate with different stakeholders in the society to create a harmonious, inclusive, vibrant and sustainable community.
Our Community Efforts